Max Effort is a creative movement studio uniting fitness aficionados, everyday movers, and brands with fresh, innovative ideas. Based in NYC but the sweat reaches world wide.
What does it look and feel like
if you started
cheering yourself on?
Max Effort is a creative movement studio that empowers people and brands to be their best for themselves and the world around them.

With a background in advertising and a multidimensional perspective in the fitness landscape, Max Effort tells unique product, human, and athlete stories through the female lens. With soulful takeaways and strong brand resonance that transcend trends and seasons.  

Our approach is community-forward and culminates with the intention of helping others to feel their most confident.
Max Effort
Customized wellness programs, philosophies, and one-on-one coaching to reach and live in alignment with your goals. Show up for yourself and the world around you.

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About Thea.

A creative marketer, brand builder, strength coach, Nike Trainer, nutritionist, strategist, and motivator.

Thea has 13 years of experience in storytelling, building compelling brands, intuitively connecting people, engaging communities, producing beautiful experiences, and editorial-forward content that uplifts and encourages. 

Max Effort Training Club

Coach, Programming, Nutritional Writing, Brand Identity Development, and Creative Direction.
Max Effort Studio is a virtual training platform and Brooklyn-based studio providing creatives, executives, and athletes with personalized tools, programs, and mindset philosophies to feel confident in themselves. 

Max Effort Magazine

Creative Director, Editor-In-Chief, Producer
Max Effort Magazine is a wellness playbook ripe with programs, and perspectives to help readers better care for their bodies, the people, and the world around them. Issue 01 collaborators included MOTIVNY, Lichen, Sofie Pavitt, Austin Smith of Undefeated, Justin Bazdarich of Speedy Romeo, Naomi Otsu, and was sponsored by Allbirds. Currently developing Max Effort ‘mini’ a zine spin on performance nutrition.

Nike Women's Retreat ft. Away

Host, Creative Director, Coach, Producer
The “E-Suite” was an energy exchange between female entrepreneurs intended to inspire new heights for each other. The 2-day reprieve included daily meditations and restorative movement sessions, workshops, hot/cold and compression therapy, a styling suite in partnership with Nike Women, and travel c/o AWAY.

AMPED Photoshoot  ft. Nike Women

Creative Director, Producer, Coach
A 12-week supercharged program that culminated with a photoshoot to celebrate and encapsulate progress. Designed to give women the tools, strategy, and personalized support to lean in to their ‘athlete’ mindset. For most of the women, this was their first ever photoshoot. 

Sunset Strength

Coach, Community Lead, Producer
A two-part workout and social experience designed for 50+ guests to find presence and fresh starts through an energizing strength flow. The heat was inescapable, the collective energy was palpable and the effort was intentional ft. Nike Women + Soft Services.

Session Training

Creative & Marketing Director, Brand Strategy, Lead Coach
Developed the creative direction, communication, and brand architecture for Session NYC. Including core marketing initiatives, brand essence, and community development for the studio. As part of this leading a VIP/Ambassador program to enrich the studio with a variety of creative, driven, passionate thought leaders in the community. These VIPs could host events, empower their respective communities through movement. 

Session Training

Apparel Collections Development
Conceptual development and production of seasonal merchandise including design direction, and fabrication (2019-2020) in partnership with creative collaborators; designers, illustrators, photographers (including Natalie Shields and Naomi Otsu).

Victory Journal

Production, Partnership Development,
Event Curation, Music Programming
Sports & Culture magazine, Victory Journal celebrated the release of a new issue twice annually. We worked with Victory Journal to produce the launch of issues 6 - 13 including event production, creative strategy, & partnerships. For the release of issue 11, we celebrated the women who work in sports & culture by developing a private reception that brought together filmmakers, photographers, editors, stylists, & many more.

Nike NYC Boxtruck

Production, Social Strategy, Artist Management, Post Production
Nike tapped Doubleday & Cartwright to devise a NY-specific broadcast that would honor the subway trains that housed graffiti culture in the 80’s. D&C devised a five-part video & photo series with local graffiti artists. We led project management, strategy, production, & social media rollout that highlighted the art of Wane COD, Rime & Toper, Chino BYI, Micah, & Smart Crew. The boxtruck traversed through New York's most iconic neighborhoods over 5 months.

The TSQ Newsstand

Executive Production, Strategy, Artist/Talent Management, Magazine Development
The TSQ Newsstand was a recreation of the iconic NYC newsstand by Kimou Meyer, aka Grotesk. We worked with Doubleday & Cartwright to place the newsstand in Times Square for 10 days. We led production, artist management, social strategy, publication production, & press. The newsstand hosted an incredible roster of photographers & artists who sold limited pieces & contributed to a limited edition zine. Contributors included Jean Jullien, Barbara Kruger, Cheryl Dunn, Daniel Arnold, Chris Anderson, ONLY NY, and many more.

RCA x Jean Jullien

Strategy, Production
RCA Records created a new program, RCA Collective, that connects visual artists with musicians, fans, and cultural enthusiasts. For their kick-off capsule collection, we worked in partnership with art superstar, Jean Jullien.
The Spotlight
A running feature on the community that goes max effort. A short interview series on how to practice self-care, re-energize, and unify because how we take care of ourselves directly impacts how we can show up for others. Here's to the company we keep. Max Effort Training.

Archived Features:
Naomi Otsu, Fabiola Lara, Priscilla Brinshot, Marisa Hall, Simone Henault