A conversation with PRISCILLA BRINSHOT

Priscilla founded Hey Sis World with her sister to focus on growing the future of creative entrepreneurship of bipoc womxn. Hey Sis World is launching their first coaching program and capsule collection this Spring.

What is your wellness equation?

My approach is deeply rooted in a holistic lifestyle. I recognize myself as a living organism that needs sun, water, self-compassion, and play so I try to tend to those in my own ways. I’d say my secret sauce has been nailing down different practices within each sphere of wellness. For my mind, I follow a morning routine that enables me to start my day with meditation (non-negotiable) and visualization. Then I move over to sweating -  yoga, followed by a weight routine or running. I’ve got A LOT of energy naturally (fire sign), both physically and mentally, so figuring out ways that I can use that energy in a healthy way has been my guiding light on my wellness journey.

How do you turn a workout outfit into something more?

I’m SO glad activewear is respected. Hands down blazers are a game changer to an outfit, and my favorite item to play with. I  feel cool and in control. A classic combo of tailored pieces and sportswear is always a win. Oh, and chunky gold jewelry, with anything is fire.

What are you working towards right now?

Expanding Hey Sis World, living in the present, and unraveling layers to my higher self everyday.

What is self-care for you?

Self care means getting to know my body REALLY well and doing the things necessary to make sure I am at peace. Peace is the goal. I get peace from going on hikes, feeling strong, laughing, standing up for myself, sitting in silence. Sometimes I get caught in people pleasing, so to take an active role in my self care, and put myself first is powerful. Ultimately, being aware of those little cues, in my body and mind, help me stay in tune and enjoy life.

What are few items or tinctures you swear by that we should know about?

Xulaherbs Moon Mood

What continues to uplift and drive you forward?

Two things: My community, and knowing that the work I’m doing is influencing a more compassionate future. We so often think that no one is watching us bloom and do good as individuals, but there are so many people that are inspired by what you stand for and what you do in life, whether it’s your niece, a co-worker, or a stranger. If I’m inspiring one person by being me; breaking generational cycles, and contributing myself to the betterment of the future, then I’m fueled.

Best advice to share coming out of your own discoveries this past year?

Wow so many. I feel like we collectively had an awakening. We are all floating on a rock in the middle of space, so why not make it a good ride. Focus less on the numbers, and more on the mission. When you develop core values and live an authentic life, you will attract an authentic community that cares just as much about your well-being and shared mission.  And don't give up, you just need a break.

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