A farm girl who moved to NYC, and then left a few 20 years later to the countryside. A model, and now, photographer, Danielle crushed Max Effort Training  throughout her pregnancy.

How did your perception of self change last year - especially with the introduction of baby Atlas?

I was in awe of my body. The fact that we do all of these things - push our bodies to the extreme [and yet] it does what it needs to do, it creates life. I always gave my body a lot of respect because of how it functions and moves but this was a whole other level of respect - growing a human, going through labor, then healing again. Entire organs going back to where they need to be...wow! It gave me a lot of respect for women who have done it before me.

What did self-care look like for you in that first month with Atlas?

Self-care was focused on healing. Eating real food like homemade soups from friends - warm, home-cooked food all day, and being horizontal. Oh, also frozen witch hazel Maxi Pads. Sorry dudes, but people need to know this.

Having a home birth was incredible because we went right from the living room to the bedroom. Being able to be at home, already cuddling and nursing was perfect.

But I didn't understand postpartum. I am strong and independent so I thought I would be up doing things myself - I spent 64 hours in labor, bled for a month, felt weak, and was naive about the whole [postpartum] process. I had to ask for help and I'm very uncomfortable asking for help. 2020 In general, being pregnant and in Covid was a lesson in asking for help.

The people around me made it super comfortable to ask. But letting people know what I needed was the uncomfortable part.

How do you find time for yourself, specifically your workouts?

In Atlas’ room, I put down a gymnastic mat. For him, but also so I can do a little something-something. Plates, weights, or a workout with him. This way I don't have to set time aside and can just do it whenever I can.

I’m always curious to hear if, or how people would change their childhood if they could - especially once stepping into motherhood.

I like who I am. My childhood formed me. Of course, there are always things we learn that we might want to do differently, but there’s a lot of things I loved about my childhood. I had the trust to run wild and free - literally - through the countryside, feeding my curiosity. I had to take care of horses. I wasn't babied and understood the respect for life.

I want to make sure Atlas helps me cook and that he’s a part of everything I’m doing. Guiding his curiosity and not stunting it.

I’m also learning about attachment theory. So I want to make sure Atlas has healthy attachments, or relationships, as he gets older.

Best advice to share coming out of your own discoveries this past year?

That your intuition is important - to tap in and listen to yourself. Also, that I have a great partner and I need to listen to him more. My stubbornness has gotten in my way. It's a dance of self and others. I'm just trying to have grace with it!

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