A conversation with SOFIE PAVITT

Sofie is an esthetician based in NYC focusing on real results skincare. Known for clearing up clients’ complexions with her in studio treatments and custom home-care protocols, Sofie is your fav estheticians, favorite esthetician.

So, for context, we trained together throughout your first pregnancy and early postnatal, pre-pando. How are you moving today?

Before I had kids I was a runner- I would run 20 miles a week no sweat and Barry’s bootcamp, kettlebell workouts, insanely hot yoga. All this agressive heavy lifting- it was my way of relaxing from an intensely stressful job. I was a handbag designer for 16 years and traveled every 12 weeks to Seoul for work. I went back to school to retrain in skincare, started working for a dermatologist, opened my own studio, got Married, working out was my way of chillin out lol! but in hindsight I was doing way too much. I’m way more relaxed in my approach to movement these days - I like to swim, a couple of strength classes a week, long walks to the park with my boys. I’m talking about this like this is what I’m doing now - which is a lie. Carrying a 2 year old around and just given birth to my second ten weeks ago is literally a workout every damn day. Just to get him dressed. I’m on the path to get my ass back to the gym though in the next month.

What you're saying is that you're busy as he!!. What continues to motivate and drive you forward?

I’ve never been a person to sit and not really do anything. Work wise or downtime im always up to something. Starting my own business after working in corporate fashion for 16 years has been a total grind- but way more rewarding. I do miss traveling with someone else paying for it though lol.

*sigh* Yea, corporate travel and a per diem was the jam. You live in NYC though, so if we're staying local, where's your favorite place in the city?

City island for giant lobster dinners, NYC parks with sprinklers for my toddler, to-go Negronis in Fort Greene Park (can you even do this anymore? I feel like deblasio nixed this as soon as we voted a new mayor in lol). Well if it’s in a water bottle who would ever know.

Definitely a 2020 highlight. You're always so on point. Speaking of... any current essentials?

Platform crocs because I can run after a 2 year old in them. I’m really into this new sunscreen brand, VACATION, that we sell in the studio, and also my Nike bucket hat that my husband bought for himself. Since he has a massive head, I inherited it.

My moments of 'me time' right now is hiding ice cream to eat silently in the bathroom so Nico can’t see or hear me.

I wish I was lying.

I'd like to second that bar soap is THE way to go.

Speaking of Nico + Rocco + 2 pups + Nam, I’m always amazed how you do ALL that you do with so much ease. How did your perception of yourself, your body, and your business change during 2020?

I think we all have this notion of how we’re going to get right back to who we were prior to being pregnant and having kids etc because there’s a total fear of the unknown of what’s going to happen to your body after this literal trauma - literally one of the most traumatic things that can happen to your body as a woman. I was ill for 6 months after having Nico. The [second] time around I was more prepared on what to expect. I had the luxury of staying in bed for a full two weeks after Rocco was born which I highly recommend. I felt so much better.

Business wise tomorrow is never promised! So you just gotta give it your best shot. There’s no such thing as luck, you just have to work your ass off. And that doesn’t change even when you’ve just had a baby. I went back to work 7 weeks after having Nico. I’m taking my time this time round.

Thanks, Nam! He's always looking out even if unintentionally.

Alright, let's flip to biz - you have a thriving skincare studio and are the queen of glowing skin, life hacks, and more. How do you fit in self-care on the daily?

Call me old fashioned but I have a bath every day. I hate showers. Always loved a bath. With BAR soap - I’m a freak for a bar soap. Everyone I know buys me one when they go on holiday because they don’t know anyone else who uses bar soap. They think I’m like this weirdo Brit to do so. - but nobody uses bar soap in my family at home (lol). I also get up an hour before everyone else in my house and make myself a coffee and do my emails before I’m needed on every level by a newborn, 2 year old, 2 dogs and a husband.

What about ice cream while taking your bath? Could be the new move. Haha.

I’m always curious to hear if, or how people would change their childhood if they could - particularly as new parents.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Wales! My kids have an incredibly glamorous life compared to my first years but I would never change it. Going back to Wales nothing changes, and it’s great.

Sofie, thank you! For those who don't know, drop the studio deets so that people can get their glow on...

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