A conversation with FABIOLA LARA

Fabiola is a Chilean-American illustrator, graphic designer, and vibrant gem based in Philly. Catch her dishing up tutorials and art vlogs.

What is your go-to workout?

For a quick sweat, I like a mix of cardio and at-home pilates. My go-to group workout was circuit strength training at SESSION in Brooklyn, but I haven't found a Philly studio to fill the void just yet!

What continues to motivate and drive you forward?

My natural passion for making images paired with my curiosity for learning keeps me going. I love falling into internet holes and researching new art techniques so my scatteredness keeps me on my toes (like a true Gemini)! Always onto the next, ya know?!

"I love to watch ASMR spa videos to help me unwind and slow down."

You moved to PA last year. Where's your favorite place in the city?

The nearest vegan soft-serve ice cream cup 🍦

And current essentials?

These soft pastel pencils, my new little vlogging camera that I recommend to anyone who wants cute videos, and a vegan Italian hoagie 🥪

Running your own freelance business, how do you fit in self-care on the daily?

In the morning, like a true basic b, I love making my morning coffee! At night, I love to watch ASMR spa videos to help me unwind and slow down. These two things bookend most of my good days.

Any advice to share coming out of your discoveries from this past year?

My biggest discovery is that I'm over trying to find fulfillment in a conventional career path. I'm releasing those expectations and welcoming new opportunities that are truly exciting to me beyond just the paycheck. The scarcity mindset has GOT TO GO!

How can we support you?

Honestly, I would love it if you would check out my IG or YouTube and see if you like my work 🎨

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